Found a bat?

If you find a bat in need of help the fastest way Hereford Bat rescue can assist is to contact the Bat Conservation Trust helpline on 0345 1300 228. They will connect you with our closest ambulance drivers to you.

Please do not contact us via email or Facebook unless as a last resort. This will only reach one person who may not see the message in time. If this is the case, please ensure you include your location, telephone number, the circumstances of how you found that bat and if you believe it has been in contact with a cat. This saves time for all involved.

bat rescue found a bat injured Hereford
bat rescue found a bat injured Hereford
Which bats need help

Bats that require help are when:

  • They are on the ground

  • It has been in contact with a cat (attack or carried in the mouth)

  • Exposed during the daytime such as on walls

  • Covered in something such as glue/oil or stuck to something such as flypaper or barbed wire.

  • Has become trapped inside a living area or similar public areas (e.g. offices, schools).

  • Is a pup without its mother.

These are just common scenarios but if you situation is similar to one of these then its best to get advice from BCT. Please do not release the bat until you have spoken to them as this could be the difference between life and death for the bat in question.

injured bat rescue Hereford
injured bat rescue Hereford

The BCT helpline will be able to give you details of your nearest registered bat carer, who will be able to organise the collection and care of the bat.

  • Wear gloves

  • Contain the bat with a soft cloth and carefully scoop it up and place it in a shoebox.

  • Put a tea towel or soft cloth in the box for the bat to hide under.

  • Place a plastic milk bottle top with water inside

  • Keep the bat indoors somewhere quiet and dark

  • Call the National Bat Helpline.

  • Do not feed

Contact the Bat Conservation Trust

0345 1300 228

Always follow the advice given by BCT and telephone the helpline if you ever find a grounded bat.

Contact the Bat Conservation Trust
Containing the bat
bat box rescue Hereford
bat box rescue Hereford
  1. The best item to use is a shoe box but if you do not have one, a similar sized box will do. Punch a few small air holes in the top and ensure here are no holes the bat can escape from. You can cover large holes over by taping a piece of paper over the hole. Do not use tape on its own as the bat may get stuck to it.

  2. Include a small cloth such as a tea towel, old pillowcase etc for the bat to cling on to and hide in to feel safe. If you do not have anything spare, kitchen roll will do.

  3. Add a small shallow bowl of water. Milk bottle caps are perfect and ensures it is not deep enough for the bat to drown in.

  4. You may be able to get the bat into the box without touching it, but if you do need to touch it, please WEAR GLOVES due to the small risk of rabies transmission. You're very unlikely to be bitten or scratched if you follow our procedure, but if it does happen, please seek immediate medical advice.

  5. Cover the bat with your soft cloth and gently scoop it up and place the cloth and bat in the box.

  6. Add the milk bottle lid filled with a small amount of water and seal the box. Leave the box in a dark quiet place indoors.

You do not need to add food in the box. Our bats are insectivorous and will not eat fruit or cat food. Please do not offer dried mealworms as they will not have the appropriate nutrition.

If a bat is stuck on something such as fly paper, or tangled in fishing line etc, do not remove the item from the bat as you could hurt the bat even further. Our carers are trained for such removal which can be a long and sensitive process. Please let us do the work.

If no one in our team is available to collect your bat, please contact your local vet. All vets are required to provide an out-of-hours service, so if your local vet is shut, please check their website or ring their number and listen to their recorded message for information on out-of-hours care.

Good box

Bad box

bat box rescue Hereford
bat box rescue Hereford